Holika Holika’s Gudetama [Review]

As my makeup addiction keeps growing and my bank account keeps crying for help, here I am writing a new entry about Holika Holika’s Gudetama line. For this specific blog, I partnered with a dear friend that loves K Beauty as much as I do.  My friend Jennifer and I both bought different Gudetama products and thought it will be nice to put both our opinions in this blog.

Gudetama (giphy.com)

For those of you that don’t know Gudetama is an egg character that is a member of the Sanrio line, same company as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi and much more. Because of the popularity that Gudetama has received, Korean makeup brand Holika Holika has made a special line of makeup products from cushions to facial mask the list is long. Because of the hype and our love for this character Jennifer bought the Holika Holika’s Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB and I bought the Holika Holika Gudetama LAZY & EASY All Kill Sheet.

1.Holika Holika’s Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB 0ff4219b111c2c782cedd2eef66eb05b_32-best-ideas-about-gudetama-on-pinterest-my-melody-gifs-and-gudetama-clipart_300-250

Hello, everyone! I’m Jenn and this is my first time writing here. Dio thought it’d be a good idea to review a Korean beauty product as we are both into Korean beauty, so why not?

So as I already mentioned above I will be giving a small review on Holika Holika’s Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB. Long name, I know. I Anyway, just like Dio, I LOVE Korean products and bb cushions are definitely not the exception. It’s one of the things I like most in the Korean beauty world.

Why? Well, for starters you can just put it in your bag and take it wherever you go for touch-ups. What’s even better is that there will be FullSizeRender (1)no spills in your bag because after all, it is a bb cushion, so it is completely mess free! This special edition bb cushion is extremely cute. I usually love the packaging Korean brands use for their products. I’m a sucker for them. To be honest, that’s initially why this cushion got my attention. The design outside has Gudetama wearing a bow. Adorable, right?  Even the puff and the sticker that seals the cushion when you open it for the first time has a cute Gudetama design! Also, inside of the box comes the cushion case along with a cushion already inside it and one extra refill with one extra puff.



Now on to the review on the actual product. This cushion has SPF 50+  PA+++ which is not bad at all. Something I enjoy about this bb cushion is how it brightens my face and my face doesn’t look as dull. It is also sort of dewy but not too much. Sadly, my face tends to get oily throughout the day, so because this bb cushion is not entirely matte, it tends to start wearing off around 2-3 hours of putting it on so I have to touch up. As for the coverage? It is decent. I think it is about low to medium coverage. It does not cover as much as I’d like considering I have some acne scars I really don’t want to be visible but it’s nothing I can’t fix with a little concealer though. Another thing is the color. The shade I picked is No.21 as I am white, pale but not super pale. I thought this shade would match me based on the other swatches and reviews I looked at before making the purchase. Sadly, that was not the case. The shade has a sort of pinkish tone to it and I am not pinkish toned at all so that sucked. I still tried wearing it around though by setting it with a powder that was more my color but that was not of much help. I still use it once in a while if I’m doing errands and no one I know will see me that day haha. Thankfully I’m on the second and last refill so I’m almost done with it. Would I repurchase this? No. It is definitely not the kind of product my skin needs. I prefer something with more coverage and that will not leave me as shiny. Would I recommend this cushion? Sure, but only to those with dry skin. I believe this won’t work if you have oily skin, as it will make you look sort of shiny or greasy.

2 out of 5 stars.


2. Holika Holika Gudetama LAZY & EASY All Kill Sheet. tumblr_nr0bkwwMyM1uzh6soo1_r1_500

I am a crazy avid fan of mask sheets, not only do they leave your face feelings like a new born it always helps me relax. Because I love these mask sheets so much and also love Gudetama and went online and bought the 2 step kit.  The first step of the kit is a cleansing wipe, it is said to remove makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin. Even though I had removed most of my make up the cleansing wipe did remove the bit of product that I had on my face and left it feelings soft.


After this you start step two, the instructions said to leave on the mask for around 10 to 20 minutes. I left mine for twenty minutes marked by my timer and while having it on the area around my nose did feel a bit tingly. The mask texture feels like a gel which regularly with this brand and other brands that I have used feels refreshing and not that tingly sensation. Then again it was just around my nose, and I could have also wiped a bit hard in those areas which may cause the skin to feel irritated. So I would need to buy it a second time and verify if my hypothesis is correct or not.

After the twenty minutes and removing the mask I didn’t expect at all to feel my skin oily. I have oily skin especially around my T-zone and this mask left my skin so moisturized that I could shine a mile away just by how oily it looked. If you have oily skin and live in a humid area this is not the mask for you. If you have dry skin or a combination skin between dry and oily this will probably work for you. The wipe and mask both smell great, which is something I tend to like a lot about Korean beauty products. This mask has ingredients such as papaya, lemon citrus, fruit extract, and Glycerin which is good for moisture.

Will I buy this again?

For sure, even though it did leave my face oily it is a good moisturizer and I still want to check why it felt tingly around my nose.

3 out of 5 stars



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    1. I haven’t bought the peeling egg pack, is it good? Maybe we will review it next! And yeah it’s sad that the cushion doesn’t last long, have you used any cushions that you like? Lets us know

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