[Album Review] EXO “The War”

> Open the Album Playlist Here <If there is one thing my friends can say about me is that when it comes to EXO, my inner fangirl comes out roaring and I will mostly spam their twitter feed with tweets about how much I love their albums and music videos.

For those of you that don’t know them, EXO is a South Korean boy band that debuted back in 2012 with their mini album “MAMA” and they are part of one of S. Koreas biggest agencies SM Entertainment home of artists like TVXQ, Shinee, and Super Junior.

Every summer EXO makes a comeback since their debut and I was more excited than ever before because they went with a complete change of style from normally using dark themes to a full blown colored theme and to top it all off their promotional single has a bit of a reggae feel to it.

This particular album is very different from the albums before in terms of music style even though it still has the EXO feel to it.

Producers from all over the world are part of the creation of this album and also Exo members themselves also helped in the making of it. Because of this and their increasing fandom EXO has topped most music charts and was recognized by Billboard and Itunes.

This album has 9 songs in total: starting with

  1. Kokobop – At first I was like what is this title song even mean, but let me tell you that Kokobop is a BOP! This song goes from a reggae feel to a full on, electric beat drop that makes this song perfect.  This song Korean lyrics were made my Exo members and produced by Stylaz Fuego.

Click Here to see the MV 

2. The Eve – This is their second promotional song and here my fangirl self-appears again and say when D.O says “what’s the situation” I admit that I died a bit. But the song is so good, you can appreciate each of the members’ vocals and has a bit of a RnB touch to it. Super Junior-M member Henry was part of the composers for this song. And can we talk about the live performance of this song?

See the performance here 

3.  What you do? –   This song every time I listen to it, it reminds me of the ending scene of a road trip movie, I hope this makes sense. But it just gives off that fun summer road trip ~ summer love vibe.  So If you are up for a road trip and jamming to a song this is the one.  What you do was composed by  Kenzie and produced by Ronny Svendsen


4. Walk on Memories – This song is soo smooth, it is a ballad like song and it gives me vibes of previous Exo ballads, out of the songs of this album this is the one that actually made me think of Exo previous albums or style. Walk on memories was composed and produced by  Justin Reinstein, Wassily Gradovsky

5.   Diamond – Let’s start by saying this is one of my favorite songs of this album. With a mixed of vocal and rap but constant beat in the background Diamond. This song was composed and produced by The Underdogs

6.  Forever-   Just like Diamond, Forever has the perfect mix of vocals and raps with a constant beat in the background compared to the rest of the songs in the albums that constantly change. This song is literally a Bop nothing more to say. It was produced by LDN Noise and composed by Kenzie and LDN Noise.


7. Touch It –  The Korean lyrics of this songs was written by Chen, one of Exos member and do I need to even continue just please search the lyrics to this perfect song and it has this groovy feel to it and cute till you read the lyrics and read through the real meaning of the song. This song was produced by The Jackie Boyz, The Fliptones and Ryan S. Jhun who was worked before with Exo.

8.  Chill –  I do like this song a lot even though it jumps of styles a lot from a nice pop beat to a more hip hop/rap almost of the end that I wasn’t expecting to happen. But it is a very nice produce song and I like that you can see both sides of Exo from super nice vocals to super rough raps. This song was produced by Dryod and composed by Korean singer G. Soul.

9 .  Going Crazy – Has sort of a similar feeling like The Eve in which you can appreciate each of their vocals and “the I hate you ooh ooh” will stay stuck in your head, just as Chanyeols rap. This song is actually the last song of the album and I think it’s perfect for closing such awesome album the ending you can hear the final sound of a piano and it feels like the perfect ending for an album.  It was composed and produced by Shim Jae Won also known as Beatburgerjae  

With this being all the nine songs, my fangirl self is still out here in full speed, listen to their album and anticipate more reviews of albums or makeup soon.

With Much Love, Dio

 > Open the album playlist here < 



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