I’m sort of back?

After months without posting an entry I am back!!
To say that these past months have been hard is an understatement. I started a new job as a copy writer and also started a new trimester of grad school, but what really been the hardest is getting used to the aftermath of two hurricanes.
I live in Puerto Rico, right in the middle of the Caribbean which makes us a target to hurricanes from July all to the way to November. On September 19th, Hurricane Maria passed, and since then it’s been 53 days of no electricity, with no water, hours of lines for everything and constant traffic.
I’ve wanted to blog about products that I have used and some that I plan to buy but the mailing system was not working in my city and just recently started to work as usual. During this time I have watched some series that I want to blog about and have a cart full of products that I am planning to buy soon to write about.
Day by day I try to get used of how things are working here in the Island and hoping for things to get better, University started again and that also has been a hassle.
I’ll probably update soon maybe in a month or so about some products that I have tried, none of these being Korean mostly regular brands we all know of. But I will blog about some series that I have been hooked on since it’s literally the only thing I have to see.
Other than that take care, eat well, have fun and give a hug to someone that is having a hard time.

With much, much love,
Dio ~


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