The ElyXiOn [dot] Global Package Purchasing Experience

I know it’s been a long time since I posted here, but recently I purchased the ElyXiOn [dot] Global Package and decided to do a small recap of both my purchasing and concert experience. Since I can remember I have wanted to do the SM Global Package, I had been to EXO concerts before but not with the package and my plan had always been to purchase one but for the Korea concerts, and I ended up doing it.

When searching for the package information it was a bit of a hassle, the first problem is SM has that information like very secured and you need to have an account to see other packages but each one has a different price. The second problem being there were a lot of different reviews online about the packages, their prices, and overall experience.

But let me start here with my own experience, I got an email from the global package account because I had done an account like almost a year before just to get updates. The email had the date of when the global package was going to open and just a bit of instruction. Mind you they literally sent me the email around 5 or 6 hours before the packaged opened and I didn’t sleep one bit because of the time difference so be prepared to get that email and to have that internet running

It opened at 6:00 pm KST which in my local hour was 5:00 am, and this is where the stress began. I had read and saw videos of girls saying it lagged or that it would crash but I never imagined it was going to be this bad. I refreshed the page and it would log me out, page error everywhere, I had to refresh the page so many times, to get to the details, I wanted to cry.
After around 30 minutes I had selected my course and was filling in my information. Once you fill it in you have the option to pay. You can choose to pay it all or pay half of it, here is the big situation you have to pay with your PayPal account if you do not have one I recommend you to do one for this. If two hours after purchasing it SM hasn’t marked your order as completed your order will be canceled and you will have to enter again and see if there are any packages available and let me tell you this, they sell out fast.
My process was oddly fast in 45 minutes and with a lot of refreshing pages I had paid and received my PayPal receipts and on the SM Global Packaged page it appeared as completed.

But do not worry if you cannot buy it that day, two or three days later SM will open a second round of global packages and this will be your chance to have your account, and internet ready to purchase.
But how do you select your course?

Well, SM gives you several courses all going from Course A to F each course has their Premium, Deluxe Superior, and Economy packages and the prices change by packages and by concerts. Example if the premium for ElyXiOn was $900 then that doesn’t mean it will be the same price for the ElyXiOn [dot].
Premium includes a themed room, some extra goods and a surprise event that the other three packages do not have. All the packages do include a hotel room, a meal, an event, concert ticket and bus drive to the concert and back.
Each course letter means a number of days or concert day, for example, I choose course B Premium, which was 2 night and 3 days. This means, check in on Friday, events, and concert on Saturday, check-out on Sunday.
Try to think beforehand, how many concerts you want to attend so that you have an idea of what course you will go to directly but always read and reread the information. If you notice you got the wrong package after purchasing you can cancel, the first few days SM won’t charge for cancellation but after a certain amount of time, it will.
You will not get a concert ticket seat when you fill in the information, that you will get a day before the concert and they will get a bunch of tickets and you just have to choose one, the one that you choose is your ticket and it is final you cannot change it or ask them to change it.
SM does not cover your flight, please do keep that in mind.
1. You have a secured concert ticket
2. You have a nice hotel room
3. Tour bus to and back from the concert
4. A trip to SM Artium
5. Lunch at SMT
6. You can purchase merchandise beforehand (a bit of a struggle also)


Because you are part of the global package SM gives you an email and password for their merchandise page, and if buying the global package is hard being merch is a war zone.

The time to log in the site was around 12:00 am my time they site crashed in around five minutes, SM sent us a notification to our global package page that it was changed to 3:00 pm KST because the site was done, I got up and the site still wouldn’t load I tried around 5:00 am my time and it wouldn’t load and I ended up getting access around lunch time and most of the things were sold out.

SM does a second opening for merch just like for the package but it does tend to get sold out much faster. You can buy your lightstick here plus new merch the downside if they have clothing they do not run in the big sizes just small and medium.

To be honest, if you can save the money to experience this, do not doubt doing it. It is a bit hard to get the packages and so on but it is truly worth it. The ElyXiOn [dot] was priced between $530 all the way up to $2,220 but please do remember these prices ranges can change for other concerts and each package has a different price. I do hope this mess could help you out a bit for your next EXO concert. You can feel free to comment or DM me any doubts and question to my IG. 

My next blog post will be my ElyXiOn [dot] Global Package experience that you will soon find here


2 thoughts on “The ElyXiOn [dot] Global Package Purchasing Experience

    1. If fanmeets as in to get a signed album then no, that works differently. Some birthday fanmeets have global packages but not all it depends. You can follow SM Global Package TW and IG or subscribe to receive their emails and youll see if there is any events in global package. Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any other questions~


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